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Thomas Kofler
Thomas W. Kofler is an Italian English Channel swimmer who comes from and lives in the northern part of Italy, where he discovered open water swimming after mountaineering for several years. Once hooked he swam in open waters around Europe, in the sea, in North Italian lakes and English rivers (with a special love for the river Thames at Shillingford, Oxford). He is also enjoying cold and extreme water swims, and has participated at various Cold Water Championships in Europe (London, Bled/Slovenia, Jurmala/Latvia) and the 2014 Winter Swimming Championships in the 450m endurance swim in Finland.

He loves everything related to outdoor and wild swimming, be it cold water swims in Scotland or Slovenia or swimming in outdoor art deco lidos around Britain.

Marathon Swimming Career

Kofler swam the English Channel on 10 August 2009, swam around Jersey Island in 2011, completed the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim on 23 June 2012, and swam the Catalina Channel on 29 July 2013 in 14 hours 10 minutes. He became the first Italian swimmer and 70th person in world history to join the club of the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming and will participate in the 2014 S.C.A.R. Swim Challenge in Arizona.

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