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noun - The Traditional Route is a 51 km (31.6 mile) crossing of Lake Ontario in Canada. Established by Marilyn Bell on 8-9 September 1954, the course starts in the south at Niagara-on-the-Lake (NOTL) in the mouth of the Niagara River. The finishing point is approximately 51 km away in a direction approximately NW (335°), at the wall along Aquatic Drive - through the first entrance in the breakwater to the west of Ontario Place, on Lakeshore Boulevard in Toronto. The route is the only course recognized by Solo Swims Ontario (SSO), the governing body for Traditional Route marathon swims.

The finish is known as Marilyn Bell Park and is shown in the linked MapQuest file. Exit from the water is via a steel ladder; a series of these ladders are embedded in the wall along Aquatic Drive and are located conveniently in front of each of the park benches that are stationed approximately every 50 m along Aquatic Drive.

SSO only recognizes South-to-North records that are set over this course - other swims or courses are not considered for the purpose of records by SSO.

Marilyn Bell established the Traditional Route across Lake Ontario.


Lake Ontario Crossing

Routes Across Lake Ontario

In addition to the Traditional Route, there are also the LOST Route and the East End Route across Lake Ontario.

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