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Travis England
Travis L. England, CIC, CRM, Vice-President is an experienced waterman from Long Beach, California who is an entrepreneurial executive with HMBD Insurance Services (Hamman, Miller, Beauchamp, Deeble, Inc.), a full service, multi-line insurance agency established in 1918. The former collegiate swimmer and water polo player participates in many open water swims and triathlon swim legs throughout Southern California, and created the Open Water Swimming Insurance Program.



England is a Vice President at HMBD where he assists businesses with their Property and Casualty insurance needs and their Benefit packages that they offer to their employees. In addition to helping organizations in creative ways since 1993, he also helps individuals with their medical, dental, and life insurance needs and manages the Open Water Swimming Insurance program with open water swimming clients from the east to west coasts of the United States.

Open Water Swimming Insurance Program

England launched the innovative open water swimming insurance program, the first of its kind in the open water swimming world outside the established national governing bodies of USA Swimming, [U.S. Masters Swimming]] and USA Triathlon. Through this program, open water swimmers, race directors, coaches, teams, association and governing bodies can apply for comprehensive insurance for their local open water swimming activities, events, camps, clinics and tours.

Collegiate Experience

England is a graduate of California State University, Long Beach where he majored in Business Administration, Finance/Investments while swimming (1990), playing water polo (1990-1994) and lifeguarding on Newport Beach (1992-1993)

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