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Tsugaru Current in the Tsugaru Channel between Honshu and Hokkaido
The ocean currents surrounding the Japanese Archipelago including the 1. Kuroshio Current, 2. Kuroshio extension, 3. Kuroshio counter-current, 4. Tsushima Current, 5. Tsugaru Current, 6. Sōya Current, 7. Oyashio Current, 8. Liman Current
Darren Miller's course across the Tsugaru Channel starting in Kodomari on Honshu and finishing near Shirakami Misaki on Hokkaido due to the Tsugaru Current
The Tsugaru Current flows through the Tsugaru Channel between the Sea of Japan and the Pacific Ocean, north of Honshu and south of Hokkaido in Japan.

Solo and relay swims across the Tsugaru Channel are supported and certified by the Tsugaru Channel Swimming Association and Tsugaru Strait Swimming Association.


Video of Brad McVetta crossing the Tsugaru Channel and the Tsugaru Current between Honshu and Hokkaido in Japan, courtesy of Masayuki Moriya of Ocean-navi and the Tsugaru Channel Swimming Association

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