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Udi Erell, member of the Cyprus to Israel Open Water Swim
Udi Erell (born in 1948) is an Israeli open water swimmer who served 23 years in the Navy and manage 2 private companies which he founded to develop satellite-based solutions for vessels at sea - Matys On Board Ltd and Matys Satcom Ltd. He will participate in the Cyprus Israel Relay Swim for Youth at Risk, a 380 km world record attempt by a 6-person relay team to swim non-stop from Cyprus to Israel, starting on 18 October 2013. In addition to being a charity swim, the 6 swimmers wish to set a world record for the Longest Open Water Relay Swim currently held by the Night Train Swimmers.

[edit] Swimmers

[edit] Crew

Erez Amir (born 1963) - cook and occasional swimmer. Amir has worked in some of the best restaurants in Israel, the last of which was the "Golden Apple" with Aharoni and Roshfeld as sous-chef and served in the Israeli navy submarines. He is a masters swimmer and sailor who runs a small software company.

Nimrod Or (born in Denmark in 1982) - skipper and sailing instructor who served in the navy and is a skipper for Via Maris Yacht Club.

Uri Brown (age 54) - operations crew who plays drums in a jazz band and works as a supervisor for variety maritime solutions and operational layout design.

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