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Matías Ola of Unir el Mundo Project
The Unir el Mundo project is a 7-part global open water swimming adventure by Matías Ola, an open water swimmer from Argentina who specializes in cold water swimming. He will swim in 7 different venues around the world in the Unir el Mundo project.


[edit] Unir el Mundo swims

The Unir el Mundo swims include the following:

1. Strait of Gibraltar from Marruecos in Morocco to Tarifa, Spain
2. 86 km Bering Strait Crossing - international relay team
3. Bering Strait from Big Diomede Island, Russia to Little Diomede, Alaska
4. From Papua New Guinea to Jayapura, Indonesia
5. From Aquaba, Jordan to Egypt
6. From Europe to Asia in Turkey
7. To the Isla de los Estados in Tierra del Fuego in Argentina

[edit] Unir El Mundo video

[edit] Unir el Mundo Team

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