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Unreasonable At Sea is an initiative started by Daniel Epstein that includes a 100-day voyage on a boat that will travel over 25,000 nautical miles to 13 countries with leading entrepreneurs that attempt to build affordable medical products, fuel-efficient stoves, programmable hearing aids, drone sailboats that clean oceans and other socially conscious products.



The ventures onboard Unreasonable At Sea include Aquaphytex that provides clean water to 300,000 people without chemicals or energy (just plants), Damascus Fortune that is a nanotechnology to transform carbon emissions into material for spaceships, Innoz that offers the most used mobile-app in India with over 120 million users, Vita Beans Neural Solutions that educates and empowers teachers through a gamified platform, The IOU Project that changes the dynamics of supply chains in apparel, Solar Ear that develops digitally programmable and rechargeable hearing aids, Protei that develops wind-powered, shape-shifting, open source sailing drones that clean oceans, Evolving Technologies that provides affordable medical devices for maternal care in emerging markets, One Earth Designs that develops the best solar cooker on earth, Prakti Design that feeds 250,000 people daily with ultra-affordable and fuel efficient stoves, and Artificial Vision for the Blind that developed artificial intelligence as a non-invasive cure for blindness.

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