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noun - Unsportsmanlike conduct includes inappropriate or unprofessional acts committed by open water swimmers during an open water race that can lead to a warning or disqualification by the referee or that are not in the spirit of the competition. These acts can include obstruction, interference or making intentional contact with another swimmer by a thrown punch, elbow or kick that can lead to a warning (yellow card) or disqualification (red card) by a referee, whether made by the swimmer or the swimmer’s escort boat or crew.

The swimmer was disqualified for his unsportsmanlike conduct because he swam over the shoulders of his competitor at the finish.


Examples of unsportsmanlike behavior and physicality include bumping, impeding, scratching, pulling [on legs or arms], veering into, tapping or touching [repeatedly], slapping, clipping, conking, swiping, whacking, pulling off [goggles or swim caps), obstructing, ziplining, interfering, pummeling, nudging, punching, kicking, elbowing, pushing, jostling, shoving, crowding, banging [against], smacking, smashing into or pressing against another athlete, shoreline, river bank, turn buoy, feeding station, escort boat, kayaker, paddler or other fixed or moving object.


unsporting behavior

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