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Vescio Multisport Performance Services Open Water Swim Clinic or VMPS Open Water Swim Clinic is an open water swimming clinic aimed toward triathletes.


[edit] About their programs

The Vmps Open Water Swim Clinic is designed to help swimmers of all levels become more confident and effective during the swim segment of a triathlon. Participants spend the majority of the clinic in the lake practicing the skills needed in open water swimming. Fearful beginners work on learning how to relax and breathe while swimming in a lake. Intermediate and advanced swimmers work on skills like sighting and drafting which will help them to navigate the swim course in a triathlon more quickly. All this is done under the watchful eyes of experienced coaches and life guards. After a warm up swim, the coaches divide the class into smaller groups based on ability. They cover most of the topics in the small group format while swimming in the lake, and then reconvene into a larger group to practice triathlon swim starts, swimming in a crowd, and drafting.

[edit] Topics Covered

[edit] Details

City: Littleton, Westboro, Lakeville

State: Massachusetts

Country: USA

Region: Americas

Contact Name: VMPS



Event Dates: June - August

Website: Official Website

Class: Clinic

Wetsuit: ?

Charity: No

Relay: No

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