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noun - The Virginia Open Water Series is a 3-race series in the summer of 2013 held in the American state of Virginia that include the Jack King 1-mile Ocean Swim in Virginia Beach on 23 June, Chris Greene Lake 1 or 2-Mile Cable Swims in Charlottesville on 13 July, and the Lake Moomaw 1-Mile Swim north of Covington on 3 August.


[edit] Chris Greene Lake Swim

The annual Chris Greene Lake Cable Swim (also called the Chris Greene Lake 1- and 2-Mile Cable Swims) is one of the longest-running open water swimming events in America. Masters swimmers of all ages, backgrounds, and corners of the globe have been flocking to Charlottesville, Virginia, to compete in the 1- and 2-mile races since 1977. Beginning in 1980, Chris Greene Lake has also been a frequent site for U.S. Masters Swimming National Open Water Swimming Championships.

[edit] Lake Moomaw Swim

The Lake Moomaw Swim a 1-mile open water swim in Lake Moomaw. The swim is held on 3 August 2013 and will start at the Coles Point beach. It was envisioned by Sandra Denius Wright and is directed by Dave Holland and Sandra Wright.

[edit] Jack King 1-mile Ocean Swim

The Jack King 1-mile Ocean Swim is held in Virginia Beach, U.S.A. under the direction of Ray McDaniels in June.

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