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Walter Scott, Navy SEAL, attorney, and channel swimmer
Walter Scott is an American open water swimmer who will attempt a channel crossing from San Miguel Island to the coast of California, a distance of 25.9 miles (22.5 nm or 41.6 km) in the summer of 2013.

He also completed a Catalina Channel crossing on 3 September 2010 from Catalina to the mainland in 10 hours 53 minutes. He also successfully crossed the Anacapa Channel off the California coast near Santa Barbara in 2012 in 5 hours 48 minutes in a tandem swim with Michael Hird under the auspices of the Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association.

Scott was also the alternate swimmer for the Nighttrain228 world record relay down the California coast.

Professionally, Scott is a graduate of the Harvard Law School, a practicing attorney, and a former Navy SEAL.

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