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Water World Swim is a 7-race open water swim series held in San Francisco Bay, California and founded by famed cold water swimmer Pedro Ordenes. Water World Swim has been offering open water swimming events and training programs for over 15 years. Some of its programs include the "Swim with Pedro" weekly workouts and training sessions, regular Alcatraz crossings and instructional clinics, the New Waves program for young swimmers with an interest in open water swimming, and our numerous open water races and events.

Its swims have been chosen for their beauty, safety, and general "coolness" factor. Each swim is prepared, organized, and guided by a team of local coaches and swimmers with vast experience and in-depth knowledge of the local waters. All of our swims are fully certified, permitted and supported by the U.S. Coast Guard.

Water World Swim welcomes swimmers from all over the world with all levels of ability.


This is a very challenging 1.25 mile swim from Alcatraz to Aquatic Park, limited to 50 swimmers. Competitors will begin the race right by the Alcatraz Island and finish by the beach of Aquatic Park. Only swimmers with extensive open water experience or presently training should register. Anyone considering to participate in this swim, please check our Non-Refund policy before registering.

This is a 10K swim competition limited to 50 elite swimmers. Competitors will begin the race at the Golden Gate Bridge (close to the south tower) and finish at the San Francisco Bay Bridge during a 3.85 knots Flood. (tide West to East). Only swimmers with extensive open water experience should register. Click here for more details

Round-trip Alcatraz swim starts and finishes at the Aquatic Park. This swim is a challenge for fast swimmers that requires a strategic race plan to swim the 3.25-mile course with tides and fast currents around Alcatraz.

Round-trip Alcatraz swim will begin on the beach of Aquatic Park in San Francisco. The competitors will swim to Alcatraz Island, touch the turn-around point, and continue back to Aquatic Park. There will be a boat with a race official on it that will mark the spot near the island.

From Alcatraz to the Aquatic Park in the San Francisco Bay, the 11th annual 1.25-mile swim has become a world-renowned event.

This 3 km (approx. 1.85 miles) race begins at the ocean side of the south tower of the Golden Gate Bridge near Ft. Point Beach and goes under the Golden Gate Bridge past the north tower and finishes at Finger Point Rock. This is a rare opportunity to swim one of the most thrilling open water, world class competitions ever.

For the first time this Alcatraz is offered for the swimmer that have crossed many times from Alcatraz to San Francisco or for the swimmer training to swim in style for the first time. This 1.25 mile swim and smaller event will become a favorite among the fastest, or the first timer who wants to test their swimming endurance. Limited to only 50 swimmers Medals and Certification will be given to all participants.


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