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Wave One Swimming offers current and creative swimming programs in Washington DC and the country. Based on the exhilaration and freedom of open water swimming, they bring experience and energy to anybody and everybody willing to put a toe in the water. They share our experience of daily training, pool racing, open water competition, marathon swimming, triathlon, and paddleboarding, in ways that awaken the swimming soul. They are experienced instructors, national champions, open water champions, triathletes, mothers, fathers, teachers and students.


[edit] Philosophy

We learn from failing. We learn from winning. We learn each day we jump in the water and challenge ourselves. It is our love for swimming that keeps us in the water day after day and to share our passion with others.

WaveOne Swimming's mission is to introduce as many people as we can to explore and enjoy open water swimming. We support the development of safe open water practices and events throughout the country while working to protect and preserve the waters of the world

[edit] Details

Location: Washington DC

Country: USA

Region: Washington DC

Contact Name: Denis Crean

E-mail: denis@waveoneswimming.com

Event Dates: June - September

Website: Official Website

Class: Clinic

[edit] Instructors

[edit] References

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