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Wendy Trehiou, 2013 Churchill Award for Courage recipient for her two-way crossing of the English Channel
The tattoo commemorating Wendy Trehiou's English Channel two-way swim of 2013
Wendy Trehiou is a breast cancer survivor and completed a total of four English Channel crossings including a two-way under the guidance of escort pilot Neil Streeter in which she joined the 24-hour club. She was also the winner of The Gertrude Ederle Award in 2012 for the most meritorious CS&PF swim of the year by a woman and completed a Jersey France Solo in 2008 in 9 hours 9 minutes under the auspices of the Jersey Long Distance Swimming Club. She also completed a Jersey Solo in 2007 in 10 hours 51 minutes.



Trehiou was awarded the 2013 Churchill Award for Courage in recognition of completing a double crossing of the English Channel swim on 20-21 August 2013, a 42-mile swim 39 hours 9 minutes. The Churchill Award for Courage was established by an Act of the States of Jersey in 1965. It is granted locally for awards for acts of bravery performed by members of the uniformed services or by members of the public. 'Bravery', in the context of the award, is deemed to include acts of endurance and perseverance. Since its inauguration in 1965, it has only been awarded five times previously.

Her two-way crossing of the English Channel was nominated for the 2013 World Open Water Swimming Performance of the Year.


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