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Lucky's Lake Swim or the Aquatica 1K Enter The Food Chain Swim in Lake Cane where swimmers can join the 100K Club, 150K Club, 200K Club, 500K Club and the 1000K Club

noun - The 100K Club is a membership limited to individuals who have completed 100 roundtrip swims across Lake Cane, a natural lake located northeast of Turkey Lake Road and Vineland Road intersection in Orlando, Florida, U.S.A.


There is no park, fishing or boat ramp on Lake Cane, but open water swimmers use the residence of Lucky Meisenheimer to start and finish their training swims as well as for the annual (Lucky's Lake Swim) and the (Aquatica 1K Swim). Swimmers keep track of the number of times they complete a roundtrip swim in the lake and are awarded a baseball cap when they complete 100 roundtrip swims and join the 100K Club.

On completion of a swimmer's first swim across Lake Cane, they receive a patch with the logo of the swim, a bumper sticker with the logo and website, and get to sign the wall of fame. On the 25th crossing, swimmers receive a white swim cap with the logo. On the 100th crossing, swimmers are inducted into the 100K Club, their name is highlighted in yellow on the wall of fame, a bio is posted on the official website, and they receive a baseball cap with the Lake Cane monster logo. At 150 crossings, swimmers join the 150K Club and receive a yellow swim cap. At 200 crossings, the swimmers join the 200K Club and receive a T-shirt. At 500 crossings, they join the 500K Club and receive a silver swim cap. At 1,000 crossings, they join the 1000K Club and receive a golden swim cap.

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