Adventure swimmer

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Chart of the Round Ireland Swim, an adventure swim and Stage Swim around Ireland

noun - Adventure swimmer is an aquatic athlete who swims in or across any open body of water where excitement, drama, uncertainty or risk are inherent elements or issues to consider. It can also be a swim of extreme lengths and time where the distance and duration are relative to each individual. It is also referred to as an individual who swims in a wetsuit or used other equipment not allowed under English Channel swimming rules.

An adventure swimmer can begin an Adventure swim on land, piers, pontoons, jetties, breakwaters, boats and be done in oceans, lakes, bay, estuaries, reservoirs or rivers. An adventure swim may be done with or without the use of aids of any sort (e.g., fins, wetsuits, paddles, technical swimsuit, flotation device, shark cage, protective wear) and can be conducted under any set of rules or course design. Adventure swimming can be attempted or done for personal reasons, pure adventure, new experiences, memories, records, history or promotion (either self-promotion or promotion of a charity, issue or cause). It can be a solo effort or a relay (group) exploit or a Stage Swim.

According to Jamie Patrick, Adventure swimming is self-created and self-designed. It is about going beyond limits, exploring abilities, experiencing the world through swimming. It is blazing new paths in oceans, lakes, and rivers just for the simple reason of adventure.

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