Annabel Médard

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Annabel Médard Zero Ice Mile IISA certificate

Annabel Médard is a 42-year-old (as of 2021) French open water swimmer.

Open Water Swimming Highlights

  • She completed an Zero Ice Mile in 52 minutes 24 seconds in 0.76°C water temperature and -10.00°C air temperature with a wind chill of -17.90°C in Surfplas Reeuwijk, The Netherlands on 13 February 2021 with observer Arthur van Dijk and IISA witness Alexander Docter.
  • She completed an Ice Kilometer in breaststroke on 10 January 2021 in Bodegraven Reeuwijk Surfplas, The Netherlands in 5.10°C water and 0.00°C air temperature in 27 minutes 54.55 seconds.

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