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Eney Jones
Eney Jones portrait
Eney Jones training with the BOWSWIM® Resistance Swimming System

Eney Jones, whose nickname is Mountain Mermaid, is a 56-year-old model, triathlete and nationally ranked pool and open water swimmer, and owner of the Mountain Mermaids, Inc. She created and patented the EneyBuoy, a patented blow molded plastic buoy comfortable with ability to adjust the buoyancy, excellent for open water swimming training. She is also the founder of the Mountain Mermaids. She also won her age group division at the 2013 Pan American Masters Championships in Sarasota, Florida.

Eney Jones Legend

Once upon a time there was a beautiful mermaid who lived by the sea. One day she went on vacation and met a mountain man. The mermaid and the mountain man fell in love and moved high above the sea. The mermaid loved him, but missed the sea. Her skin became dry, and sensitive to the sun. Luckily she met other mermaids living out of their element and a new company was formed. They called it Mountain Mermaids. Remember it doesn't matter where you live but how you live. Learn to swim, be long and lovely, swim fast easily. Wear our suits and stay in the water longer; protect your skin from the sun. No more damsels in distress, don't wait to be rescued... be your own superhero.

Swimming Career

  • NCAA Champion in a relay and team with the University of Florida
  • Second in the 200-yard freestyle at the NCAA Championships
  • First out of the water in every triathlon competed including 6 Hawaiian Ironman events in Kona, Hawaii
  • Masters swimming champion in 100-200-400-500-1000-1500-1650-5 km-10 km
  • Open Water 5 km Champion in Perth Australia, May 2008
  • National Masters Champion 200-400-1500 freestyle Champion, Portland Oregon, August, 2008
  • Aumakua 2.4k Maui Hawaii, Overall Champion September 2008
  • Waikiki Roughwater Swim 3rd place 2006, second place Overall 2009
  • European Record Holder and Masters Swimming Champion, 2005. Records included 200, 400, 800, 1500 m freestyle
  • Over twenty time finalist in U.S. Swimming Nationals, including Olympic Trials 1980
  • Gold medal NCAA 800 yd freestyle relay 1979, silver Medalist 200-yard freestyle 1979. United States National Team 1979-1980
  • Professional Triathlete 1983-1991
  • Yoga Instructor - Shambhala Hatha and Bikram
  • Enjoyed a 28 mile swim
  • Won the 2010 Laguna del Condado Open Water Challenge at the 2010 U.S. Masters Swimming National Championships
  • 20th annual Flowers Sea Swim 2nd place
  • 2017 Barbados Open Water Festival
  • She won the 2.4-mile race at the Race for the Conch race in Turks & Caicos in July 2018.


U.S. Masters Swimming SWIMMER magazine contributions and references include:

  • March / April 2011 Issue: "Open Water Buoy Turns"
  • November / December 2010 Issue: Featured in "Competition in the Caribbean"
  • September / October 2009 Issue: "Measuring the Distance"


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