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Gerald George

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Jerry George after swimming Alcatraz and across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco Bay, California in 2017

Jerry George is a 59-year-old American American masters swimmer, open water swimmer, Ironman triathlete, and Iron Iceman from Phoenix, Arizona.

Open Water Swimming Career Highlights[edit]

  • He finished in the 2016 17.7 km (11-mile) Great Moose Migration marathon swim on 6 August 2016 in the Lucky Peak Reservoir just outside Boise, Idaho.
  • Between 25-28 April 2018, he completed all four stage swims of the SCAR Swim Challenge in Arizona, finishing 31st at the age of 59 in a cumulative time of 23 hours 24 minutes 45.2 seconds:
  • He finished the Alcatraz Island and Golden Gate swims in 2017.
  • He completed a high-altitude Ice Mile at 1,677 meters on 15 February 2019 to become an Iron Iceman at the Prescott Athletic Club in Arizona in 4.8°C water in 33 minutes 41 seconds.
  • He completed 2 Ironman Triathlons including the Ironman Arizona in 2005 at 12 hours 25 minutes and the Ironman Hawaii in 2006 at 13 hours 22 minutes.

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