James Penrose

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James Penrose completed the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming and 3 Oceans Seven channels

James Penrose is a 68-year-old open water swimmer from Great Britain.

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Overlord 70

Overlord 70 is a relay team that crossed the English Channel in 12 hours 8 minutes on 8 June 2014 to commemorate D-Day and to replicate the composition of the Allied Expeditionary Force of 1944. Its members included John Kulewicz, the team leader and an American lawyer from Columbus, Ohio, Bryan Avery, British information technology consultant, John Boyd, a retired U.S. Army Lt. Colonel now working for NATO, Joe Hall, a U.S. Air Force Colonel and B2 Stealth Bomber pilot, James Penrose, an American lawyer living in London, Edward Williams, a British marathon swimmer and swim instructor, and Don McNeil as the alternate, a Canadian-born physician who practices in Columbus, Ohio.

Overlord 70 Video by Bryan Avery

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