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Nejib Belhedi plans a 130 km solo swim from Lampedusa, Italy to Mahdia, Tunisia in September 2019, estimated to take over 80 hours

Lampedusa is one of the Pelagie Islands, in the Mediterranean Sea in southern Italy. It is known for its beaches, including the Spiaggia dei Conigli, with shallow waters and colorful marine life. It faces the Area Marina Protetta Isole Pelagie, on the south coast, and is an egg-laying site for marine turtles. Farther east, the smaller Cala Greca is a sheltered beach. Dolphins inhabit the waters around the island.

Open Water Swimming[edit]

Nejib Belhedi plans to swim 141 km from Lampedusa to Mahdia, Tunisia in September 2019 as a solo marathon swim.

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