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Oak Streeters, a pod in Laguna Beach, California, U.S.A.
Oak Streakers on St. Patrick's Day
Oak Streakers on St. Patrick's Day

noun - The OakStreakers, also called the Oak Street Thalassic Society, was the original name of the Laguna Beach Open Water Swimmers, a group of enthusiastic, passionate, knowledgeable ocean swimmers from around Southern California who frequently train off the shores of Laguna Beach, California, U.S.A. and participate in open water swims around the world. They welcome other friends and open water swimmers to their training sessions where swimmers can swim traditionally (i.e., no wetsuits) or with wetsuits if the water is deemed too cold. They often have theme group swims and always a lot of fun.


Many Oak Street Streakers communicate their locations and times of swimming through OC Open Water Swims, a nearly 100-person Google Group of open water swimmers dedicated to publicizing open water swim practices and events in Orange County and surrounding areas. Interested swimmers can request an invitation to join via ocopenwaterswims@googlegroups.com.


The group's name comes from the local city street, Oak Street.


A washed-up volleyball called Wilson.

Members and Visitors

The group includes experienced open water swimmers like Lynn Kubasek, Patsee Ober, Howard Burns, Bryan Buck, Scott Zornig, Roni Hibben, Ray Meltvedt, Laura Lee, Carol Hayden, Julian Rusinek, and many others. The group includes channel swimmers, newbies and visitors from all over the world. They do an annual 100 x 100s in the Pacific Ocean at Main Beach in Laguna Beach and occasional ice swims in Big Bear Lake and Lake Arrowhead.


Alternative Names

The OakStreakers have also been incorrectly referred to as the Oak Streeters or Oak Streakers and the Oak Street Thalassic Society.

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