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Omega Timing

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Open Water Gate by Omega

Omega is one of The Swatch Group Ltd's 18 watch brands. The Swatch Group Ltd., which has its headquarters in Biel, Switzerland, is the largest manufacturer and distributor of finished watches in the world. Omega Timing provides time pieces (e.g., watches, clocks and official countdown clocks), timing systems/services, and electronic timing, scoring and scoreboard systems and services to the sporting world.

Olympic Involvement[edit]

The Swatch Group Ltd. is a long-time worldwide Olympic supporter and licensee that has provided time pieces and timing services for the Olympic Games - with only three exceptions - since Los Angeles in 1932. The Swatch Group Ltd. became a Worldwide Olympic Partner whose Worldwide Olympic Partnership extends through the 2020 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games.


  • world's first independent, portable and water-resistant photoelectric cell (1948 London Olympics)
  • Racend OMEGA Timer that combined a Race Finish Recording photofinish camera with a timer
  • electronic timing in sport with the OMEGA Time Recorder (1952 Helsinki Olympics).
  • Omegascope which allowed the time of each competitor to be displayed on a TV screen (1961)
  • contact pads for swimming competitions that reacted only to the touch of the swimmers and was not affected by water splashes (1962
  • electronic timekeeping was officially used for the first time to capture Jim Hines’ 100-metre winning time of 9.95 seconds (1968 Mexico City Olympics)
  • high-speed video cameras used in the swimming events confirmed the perfect performance of the electronic timing system (2008 Beijing Olympics)
  • electronic starting gun was introduced to replace the familiar start pistol that had been part of timekeeping for decades (2010 Vancouver Olympics)
  • Quantum Timer will offer higher resolution and precision than its predecessor while integrating main and backup units into a single device (2012 London Olympics)
  • Open Water Gate makes swimming events more accessible to media and spectators by using Transponder technology and high-definition cameras to provide split times (2012 London Olympics)
  • athletics starting block (1948 London Olympic)
  • latest generation starting blocks that measure runners' reaction times by the measurement of force against the back block and not by movement (2012 London Olympics)

Omega works regularly with the governing federation of each sport to ensure the equipment used to measure the athletes’ performances are adapted to meet the needs of the competition with the introduction of new and improved timekeeping and data handling technology.

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