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noun - Re-warming is the restoration of normal body temperature in the management of cases of hypothermia. Several methods are used: (1) passive, which relies on retention of basal heat, (2) active, which employs a heat source externally or internally ('core') with lavage, irrigation, dialysis or extracorporeal blood heating.


The doctor was concerned about rewarming after the hypothermic swimmer was pulled from the ocean and treated in the medical tent.


Michael Miller of Honolulu, Hawaii is shown rewarming and experiencing afterdrop after placing third in the 2010 Ederle Swim:

Afterdrop Video[edit]

afterdrop discussion with Nuala Moore (in a Blizzard Survival Bag) and Dr. Patrick Buck

Swimming and Rewarming at 0ºC[edit]

Ger Kennedy joined the 2fer0 Club on 17 December 2017 in Tyumen, Siberia.



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