Richard Haan

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Richard Haan
Richard Haan

Richard Haan is an open water swimmer from the Czech Republic who is a member of the Half Century Club. He has completed two Oceans Seven channels, but he is currently prefers Winter Swimming in the Czech Republic. Haan is a well-known opera singer and bard who performs all over the world.

Open Water Swimming Career

  • He made three unsuccessful English Channel attempts between 1999 and 2002.
  • he successfully crossed the Strait of Gibraltar in 5 hours 35 minutes as a 51-year-old on 12 August 2000 to complete his second Oceans Seven channel.
  • On 8 August 2004, he completed the 26.4 km Lake Zurich Marathon Swim in Switzerland in 11 hours 4 minutes 58 seconds at the age of 55.
  • On 13 July 2005, he completed a crossing of the English Channel from England to France in 14 hours 7 minutes at the age of 56.

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