Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association

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Santa Barbara Channel Islands
John McCarthy created a compilation of crossings between Anacapa Island and the California mainland achieved throughout 2023 for the Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association annual awards dinner
Crossing the Channel documentary film by Ryan Slattery about Rachel Horn's crossing of the Anacapa Channel in California
Paige Kieding in a tandem swim with Vito Bialla across the Santa Barbara Channel completed in 7 hours 53 minutes on 1 October 2018

The Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association (SBCSA) is a channel swimming governing body that supports, observes, and sanctions open water swims in the Channel Islands region of Southern California. The SBCSA governs swims to, from, around, and between Anacapa Island, Santa Cruz Island, Santa Rosa Island, San Miguel Island, Santa Barbara Island, San Clemente Island, and San Nicolas Island. (Swims between Catalina Island and the mainland, and around Catalina, are governed by the Catalina Channel Swimming Federation).

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Ventura Deep Enders from San Nicholas Island to San Pedro

Courtesy of Lynn Kubasek of the Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association
The Deep Enders relay swam from San Nicolas Island to San Pedro, California on 12-13 October 2015 on an unprecedented 112.8 km crossing of 33 hours 37 minutes 26 seconds. Coached by Theo Schmeeckle, the team comprised of Zach Jirkovsky, Jim McConica, John Chung, Stacey Warmuth, Tom Ball and Tamie Stewart. Escort kayakers and support crew included Allen Ball, Jill Ball, Bob Howell, Patty Howell, Pam Jirkowsky and Carol Lacy. The Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association observers were Lynn Kubasek and Jax Cole. The swim was guided by Bottom Scratcher with captain Gregg Elliott, Craig and Danny.

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