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State New Zealand Ocean Swim Series

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The State New Zealand Ocean Swim Series is a six-race open water swim series that takes place on some of New Zealand's most beautiful harbours. It is the highlight of the New Zealand open water swimming calendar.

New Zealand Ocean Swim Events

1. State Harbour Crossing in Auckland, a 2.9km swim only on 13 November 2011
2. State Paihia Classic in Bay of Islands on 10 December 2011
3. State Capital Classic in Wellington on 29 January 2012
4. La Grande Swim in Akaroa, Christchurch on 19 February 2012
5. State Sand to Surf in Mt Maunganui on 10 March 2012
6. State King of the Bays in North Shore, Auckland on 31 March 2012


The New Zealand Ocean Swim Series consists of several races within each event:

1. The I’m Going Long swims: 2.6km - 3.3km depending on each race. Wetsuits are recommended for buoyancy and warmth, but are not compulsory. There are 4 or 5 wave start groups and are split by the estimated time selected during the entry process. There is ‘novice only’ wave for swimmers who are new to the longer swims and would like a little more space and less pressure on the starting line.

2. The Step It Up 1000m swims: ideal for those swimmers who would still like a challenge but perhaps aren’t quite ready to enter the I’m Going Long swim. The Cut-off time for the 1000m swim is 40 minutes. There are 2 or 3 wave starts in this event.

3. The Give It A Go 300m swims: an introduction to ocean swimming and is suitable for most swimming abilities and ages from young to old. The ‘Give It A Go’ 300m course is typically a triangular course which is close to the beach. The cut-off time for the 300m swim is 13 minutes.


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