Stewart Evans

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Lieutenant Colonel Stewart Evans before Farallon Islands swim in 1967 coated in Farallones grease
Lieutenant Colonel Stewart Evans in a press conference and a cap tan after his successful Farallon Islands crossing in August 1967
Michelle Evans-Chase, Ph.D. shown on left with her father Lt. Colonel Stewart Evans, the first man to swim to the California mainland from the Farallon Islands in August 1967

Stewart Evans was an American Army Lieutenant Colonel and a pioneering marathon swimmer.

Open Water Swimming Career

Farallon Islands Swim

The 8 September 1967 issue of Time Magazine noted Evan’s swim in a colorful description, "...he smeared himself with great gobs of a 'secret' cold-protective grease and stroked off – straight into a school of jellyfish. For two hours, his left arm was nearly useless with excruciating pain, but he somehow kept going until the pain subsided, after a total of 13 hours, 44 minutes and 52 seconds...


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