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Ferry Weertman, Sharon van Rouwendaal and Marcel Schouten of the Netherlands after winning the 2014 European Championships 5 km team pursuit race in Berlin, Germany
Gold-winning Italian team of Dario Verani, Andrea Bianchi, Arianna Bridi and silver-winning Italian team of Andrea Manzi, Barbara Pozzobon, Giulia Gabrielleschi after the 5 km team pursuit event at the 2015 Mediterranean Beach Games in Pescara, Italy

noun - Team pursuit is a type of competitive swimming event. It is a single- or mixed-gender relay swim of (generally) three swimmers who start, swim and finish together in an aquatic peloton. Each team is set off in staggered starts, generally separated by 30 – 60 seconds. The official time of the team is the time that the last swimmer finishes which places a premium on drafting, positioning, navigating, and pacing. The start order is randomly selected.


The Italian team won the European team pursuit race by drafting well.


Team time trial relays, open water pursuit, swimming peloton, aquatic peloton, team time trial, TTT, Mixed 5km Team Event (official FINA event name)

Team Pursuit Formations

  • Tripod or rotating arrow - shaped like an arrow with occasional changes of positions among the 3 swimmers
  • Arrow - no change in the positions among the 3 swimmers
  • Beeline - swimmers draft directly behind one another throughout the race
  • Rotating beeline or peloton - swimmers draft directly behind one another throughout the race, occasionally rotating positions
  • Hybrid - a combination of one or more of the other drafting techniques and formations

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