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Benoit Lecomte in The Longest Swim, an assisted stage swim of 5,419 miles (8,721 km) from Choshi, Chiba Prefecture, Japan to San Francisco, California, USA
Ronan Keating promoting The Swim

The Swim (previously known as The Longest Swim or The Pacific Swim or the Cross-Pacific Swim for Cancer 2012) was Benoit Lecomte's solo 160-day assisted stage swim attempt from Choshi in Chiba Prefecture, Japan which is east of Tokyo that began on 5 June 2018, across the Pacific Ocean, to San Francisco, California, U.S.A. He estimates that the transoceanic stage swim will take approximately 6-8 months to cross over 5,419 miles (8,721 km) across the world's largest body of water. The swim was a stage swim where he resumes his swim each morning where he stopped the day before. He will be supported by a team of five aboard a 50-foot catamaran.

The support boat was fully equipped with computers and satellite phone to send and receive data. This technology will provide the audience direct interaction with Benoit and his crew. Audio and video information will be uploaded in real-time to his website. His website will relay his position, the weather condition, his physical health and that of his team, his mental status, and marine life.

The Swim In The Irish Sea

In 2011, The Swim was nominated for the World Open Water Swimming Performance of the Year by the World Open Water Swimming Association. The Swim was a 56-mile relay across the Irish Sea that was done in support of UK Cancer Research.

With the celebrities in neoprene working hard to bring media attention to the sport and donations to the cause and experienced marathon athletes swimming traditionally, The Swim was an example of seamless teamwork between newcomers, veterans, pilots, crew and media to get everyone safely across the rough Irish Sea. Liane Llewellyn, Olly White, Nikki Fraser, Becky Lewis, Colm O'Neill joined Jonathan Openshaw, Ronan Keating, Jenny Frost, Pamela Stephenson, Jason Bradbury and Steve Parry in a non-stop swim of 35 hours and 18 minutes. The team effort was documented and televised to raise money and awareness as well as to motivate and inspire. The combination of celebrity status and athletic achievement were utilized creatively to do good for others and raise over £255,000 to be a worthy nominee for the 2011 World Open Water Swimming Performance of the Year.

In September 2011, a group of celebrity swimmers and open water swimmers swam a relay across the Irish Sea, a 90-kilometer stretch from Dublin to Holyhead to raise money for cancer charities. The Swim aims to raise US$1.6 million for Cancer Research Britain and the Marie Keating Foundation.


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