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The Youngsters

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Participants of the 2013 Kaiwi Channel Swim on Sandy Beach with event directors Jeff Kozlovich and Steve Haumschild. Photo courtesy of Kaia Hedlund
Start on Kepuhi Beach of the inaugural Kaiwi Channel Swim on Molokai Island in Hawaii

The Youngsters are six ocean swimmers who completed the inaugural Kaiwi Channel Swim in 9 hours 56 minutes between the islands of Molokai and Oahu on 24 August 2013 versus The Veterans.


Kaiwi Channel Swim

The Ka'iwi Channel Swim is a 28-mile marathon swim relay race for either 2-person or 6-person teams from the island of Molokai to the island of Oahu on 24 August 2013. The swim across the Molokai Channel is organized by Jeff Kozlovich and Steve Haumschild and is one of America's Top 100 Open Water Swims. It is sanctioned by the World Open Water Swimming Association.


The race began at Kepuhi Beach on the western side of Moloka'i and ends at Sandy Beach Park on East Oahu on the other side of the notorious Ka'iwi Channel.

Rivals in the 2013 Kaiwi Channel Swim

The Veterans


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