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Dr. Chris Lechner uses an IOLITE in his traverse across Lake Michigan on 5 August 2015

noun, verb - Traverse is a lateral crossing (widthwise or lengthwise) by a solo swimmer or relay of open water swimmers across an open body of water, or the act of crossing or swimming across an open body of water.


The swimmers completed the traverse across the river despite the temperature.


Middle English travers, from Anglo-French travers (as in a travers, de travers across), from Latin transversum (as in in transversum set crosswise), First Known Use: 14th century.

Its French-language usage is incorporated by well-known professional marathon swims such as Traversée du Leman (France), Traversée internationale du lac St-Jean (Canada), Traversée internationale du lac Mégantic (Canada), and Traversée Internationale du lac Memphrémagog (Canada).

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