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Women's Day Swim

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Women's Day Swim is a 4 km ocean swimming relay competition produced by Derrick Frazer of Big Bay Events on August 9th each year at Camps Bay Beach in the Western Cape in South Africa.


Women's Day commemorates the events of 1956 when women participated in a national march to petition against pass laws (legislation that required African persons to carry a document on them to prove that they were allowed to enter a white area). Its beneficiary is the Cerebral Palsy Women from The Western Cape Cerebral Palsy Association, a non-profit organisation catering for the diagnosis, treatment, care, training and sheltered employment for persons with Cerebral Palsy.


4 km




City Camps Bay Beach

State/County/Province Cape Town

Country South Africa

Region Africa


Name Craig Doonan

Title Leap Communications

Email [1]

Event Information[edit]

Month: August

Event Date: 8/9/2015


Class: Charity

Wetsuit: No

Charity: Yes

Cadiz Swim Series[edit]

The Cadiz Swim Series includes the Cadiz Brian Curtis Mile, Cadiz Human Rights Day Swim, Cadiz Freedom Swim, Youth Day Swim, Women's Day Swim and Heritage Day Swim.