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noun - Ziplining is the act of grabbing another swimmer by the ankles or legs in order to unsuspectingly pull the other swimmer back and gain an unfair (illegal) advantage in open water races. It is grounds for a yellow card (or yellow flag) (caution) or a red card (or red flag) (disqualification). Ziplining is one example of physicality and unsportsmanlike conduct in open water swimming competitions.


The young woman lost ground when she was zip-lined by another competitor towards the end of the race.


Yank, pull back, pull, impeding


First used by Steven Munatones circa 1985 at the Waikiki Roughwater Swim in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Examples of Physicality

Bumping, impeding, scratching, pulling [on legs or arms], cutting off, veering into, tapping or touching [repeatedly], slapping, clipping, conking, swiping, whacking, pulling off [goggles or swim caps], obstructing, interfering, pummeling, nudging, punching, kicking, elbowing, pushing, jostling, shoving, crowding, banging [against], smacking, pull-backs, smashing into or pressing against another athlete, shoreline, river bank, turn buoy, feeding station, escort boat, kayaker, paddler or other fixed or moving object.

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