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Yakabi jima (屋嘉比島) is an island in Okinawa and is nearby to Tōino-hana, Takanrano-hana and Ijakaja Jima in Japan.

Yakabi Island Swim Picnic[edit]

The Yakabi Island Swim Picnic (屋嘉比島スイムピクニック in Japanese) is an swim excursion and swimming holiday organized by Masayuki Moriya of Ocean-navi in Japan's Okinawa Prefecture that includes a 6.6 km circumnavigation swim of the uninhabited island of Yakabijima that sits in the Kerama Island chain.

オーシャンナビ主催 沖縄ケラマ諸島阿嘉島を拠点に実施をした屋嘉比島スイムピクニックの様子


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