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Team FTD course in its 6-way crossing of the Catalina Channel. Source: Marathon Swimmers Forum by Evan Morrison

noun, adjective - 6-way or six-way crossing is a solo open water swim or a relay that continues six consecutive legs across a channel, lake, river or other open body of water. Traditionally, there can be up to a ten-minute break at the shoreline between the each crossing.

Team FTD set the record for a 6-way crossing in the Catalina Channel.

Team FTD

Team FTD is an open water swimming relay team that consisted of Forrest Nelson, Becky Jackman-Beeler, Mike Mitchell, Kent Nicholas, Emily Evans, and Tina Neill. Team FTD completed an unprecedented 6-way Catalina Channel crossing in 61 hours 7 minutes from 10-13 July 2013.

Source: Evan Morrison of the Marathon Swimmers Forum on 13 July 2013.



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