Adam Torrens

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Adam Torrens on the summit of the Eiger in 2015
Adam Torrens ice climbing in Valnonty, Italy in January 2016

Adam Torrens is an adventurer who plans to become the first person in history to achieve the Peak and Pond Challenge by summiting Mount Everest and swimming across the English Channel in one calendar year.

Peak and Pond Challenge

The Peak and Pond Challenge is a solo achievement by individual adventurers to successfully climb Mt. Everest and swim the English Channel.

Mount Everest Team

  • The Climbers: Margaret Suanez, Adam Torrens, Michael Hopkins, Iestyn Richards-Rees, Joshua David, Anders Bergvall, Basia Gorska, Diamon Pon, Harrison Laird, Kurt Blair, Roland Yearwood
  • The Guide: David O'brien
  • The Sherpas: Tenji Sherpa, Lhakpa Tendu Sherpa, Chhonga Karma Sherpa, Ang Dorjee Sherpa, Ngang Nuri Sherpa
  • The Cook: Kipa Sherpa

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