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Photo by Javier Blazquez of Christine Jennings, surrounded by Olympian Angela Maurer on her left, Olympian Melissa Gorman on her right, and Olympian Poliana Okimoto behind her in the 5 km race at the 2008 World Open Water Swimming Championships in Sevilla, Spain in an example of open water swimming physicality including impeding
Open water swimmer competing in the Swim Challenge Cascais, a WOWSS open water swim held in Cascais, Portugal
Penny Palfrey setting a world marathon swimming record in the Cayman Islands - Image by Spike
Lexie Kelly and Steven Munatones swimming in a channel in the Cayman Islands
Waikiki Roughwater Swim start in Honolulu, Hawaii
Pod or pack of ocean swimmers at the Gatorman of the annual La Jolla Rough Water Swim in La Jolla Cove, California
Sea swimmers Ben Stubenberg, Becci Gardiner, and Dan Redmond practicing in Turks & Caicos for the “Race for the ConchEco-SeaSwim. Courtesy of Agile LeVin
Sea swimmers Ben Stubenberg, Becci Gardiner, and Dan Redmond practicing in Turks & Caicos for the “Race for the ConchEco-SeaSwim. Courtesy of Agile LeVin

noun - Open water swimming is competitive or non-competitive swimming in an open body of water such as oceans, seas, bays, lakes, rivers, canals, fjords, rowing basins, dams, estuaries, lidos and reservoirs. It can be done in any swimming style or stroke, with or without equipment including fins, snorkels, goggles, caps, wetsuits, paddles or flotation devices. It can be of any distance and is an Olympic sport (called the Olympic Marathon Swimming 10km or Olympic 10K Marathon Swim.

Global Growth

Open water swimming is considered to be the fastest growing sport in the world since its inclusion in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.


marathon swimming, free swimming, wild swimming, long distance swimming, long-distance swimming, channel swimming, rough water swimming, marathon swimming, ice swimming, extreme swimming, excursion swimming, sea swimming, winter swimming, stage swimming, high-altitude swimming, adventure swimming, expedition swimming, aguas abiertas (Spanish), travesías de natación en aguas abiertas (Spanish), 遠泳 (Japanese), Olympic marathon swimming, polar bear swimming, night swimming, dark swimming

Why The Ice?

Swim the Channel

Publications in English

Open Water Swimming

Bruckner Chase is shown below doing some rough water swimming in Amerika Samoa.

Driven, A Documentary of Marathon Swimming

Channel Swimming

Video of Brad McVetta crossing the Tsugaru Channel from Honshu to Hokkaido in Japan, courtesy of Masayuki Moriya of Ocean-navi and the Tsugaru Channel Swimming Association

Ocean Navi In Izu Peninsula

Sea expedition led by Masayuki Moriya of Ocean Navi on the Izu Peninsula on Honshu in Japan

Olympic 10K Test Event

Sarah Thomas' Century Swim

Raw footage from Sarah Thomas' 104.6 mile (168.3 km) 67 hour 16 minute Century Swim in Lake Champlain, New York in August 2017, courtesy of the Marathon Swimmers Federation.

Body, Mind, Soul Heroes In The Catalina Channel

A film by Lucas Rivet of La Fabrica Films and Asociación Argentina Gestión y Desarrollo del Deporte about Matías Ola and his Oceans Seven journey

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