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Ben Hooper is a nominee for the 2015 World Open Water Swimming Man of the Year, an annual WOWSA Award and a recognition of outstanding men around the globe
Ben Hooper training for the 1,731 miles (2,786 km) Swim the Big Blue crossing of the Atlantic Ocean in 2015-2016, sponsored by Arena
Ben Hooper's Swim The Big Blue course across the Atlantic Ocean

Ben Hooper (born in London) is a British open water swimmer who served with the military, police and worked within mental health and psychology. He also writes fiction and is a 2* AIDA freediver and Open Water PADI scuba diver. During his teen years, Hooper competed in long distance swims for charity and recreationally trained in the pool, running and golf being his other passions. He also did middle distance running and triathlon competitions.

Swimming The Atlantic: 2,000 Miles Africa To Brazil

He attempted a transoceanic Swimming The Atlantic: 2,000 Miles Africa To Brazil where he covered 87 miles over 33 days between November and December 2016 in Dakar Harbour, Senegal on his course from Dakar, Senegal to Natal, Northern Brazil across the Atlantic Ocean. The official attempted distance of the pan-Atlantic swimming expedition from Dakar Harbour in Senegal to Natal in northeast Brazil was 1,731 miles (2,786 km).

2015 World Open Water Swimming Man of the Year Nominee

Hooper was nominated as the 2015 World Open Water Swimming Man of the Year by the World Open Water Swimming Association along with the following nominees:

1. Antonio Argüelles (Mexico) Channel Swimmer Redux
2. Attila Mányoki (Hungary) Prolific Ocean Swimmer
3. Ben Hooper (Great Britain) Transoceanic Challenger
4. Benoît Lecomte (France/U.S.A.) Transoceanic Adventurer
5. Christof Wandratsch (Germany) Ice Swimming Record Holder
6. Evgenij Pop Acev (Macedonia) FINA Grand Prix Champion
7. Ingemar Patiño Macarine (Philippines) Pinoy Aquaman
8. James Tout (U.S.A.) Long-overdue Triple Crowner
9. Lewis Pugh, OIG (Great Britain) Ocean Advocate
10. Rohans More (India) Oceans Seven Adventurer
11. Rostislav Vítek (Czech Republic) Ice Swimmer Extraordinaire
12. Simone Ruffini (Italy) Olympian & World Champion

2015 WOWSA Award Nomination

Ben Hooper (Great Britain) Transoceanic Challenger
Hooper started his Swim The Big Blue across the Atlantic Ocean in November with the ultimate goal to swim every mile across the Atlantic Ocean from Dakar, Sénégal to Natal, Brazil. Hooper, an self-described common man who overcame death as a child, will swim up to 12 hours per day every day for up to 4 months, a scheduled stage swim adventure of at least 1,731 mile (2,786 km) in length. For his logistical planning and fundraising to attempt an unprecedented transoceanic crossing, for his inspirational activities, and for his work with university researchers in the fields of psychology, endurance nutrition, expedition medicine, and oceanography, Ben Hooper is a worthy nominee for the 2015 World Open Water Swimming Man of the Year.

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