Benedict Malapas

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Benedict Malapas is a navigator and escort of open water swimmers in the Philippines.

Group Marathon Swim

In May 2016 in a group marathon swim across the Verde Island Passage, Betsy Medalla and Julian Valencia swam 10.65 km in 3 hours 13 minutes with navigator Leonardo Justo. Moi Yamoyam and Mikey Villanueva swam 10.2 km in 4 hours 51 minutes, and Frank Lacson completed 10.5 km in 4 hours 15 minutes with navigator Benedict Malapas, while Ingemar Macarine completed a swim of 7.1 km in 3 hours 31 minutes with navigator Edwin Dela Cruz in a non-stop swim from Dorado Cove to Pico di Loro Beach & Country Club, in Nasugbu, Batangas along the Hamilo Coast in the Philippines.

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