Kuroshio Current

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Kuroshio Current and the North Pacific Current in the Pacific Ocean, showing Ben Lecomte's transpacific solo stage swim in 2017

noun - The Kuroshio (黒潮 or Black Tide in Japanese) is a north-flowing ocean current on the west side of the North Pacific Ocean. It is similar to the Gulf Stream in the North Atlantic and is part of the North Pacific ocean gyre. Like the Gulf stream, it is a strong western boundary current.

The Kuroshio Current begins off the east coast of Taiwan and flows northeastward past Japan, where it merges with the easterly drift of the North Pacific Current. It is analogous to the Gulf Stream in the Atlantic Ocean, transporting warm, tropical water northward toward the polar region. It is sometimes known as the Black Stream — the English translation of kuroshio and an allusion to the deep blue of its water — and also as the "Japan Current" (日本海流).

The warm waters of the Kuroshio Current sustain the coral reefs of Japan, the northernmost coral reefs in the world. The Japan Current is responsible for the mild weather experienced around Alaska's southern coast and in British Columbia.

Open Water Swimming

Benoit Lecomte is swimming along the Kuroshio Current from the eastern shores of Japan towards the United States on The Longest Swim after starting on 5 June 2018.

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