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Bruckner Chase Ocean Positive is a nominee for the 2021 WOWSA Awards in the World Open Water Swimming Service of the Year category
Waterman Bruckner Chase, an American Adventure swimmer and ocean advocate and creator of Ocean Wise Series

Bruckner Chase Ocean Positive, Inc. is a non-profit organization founded and managed by Bruckner Chase.

Legion of Ocean Heroes

The Bruckner Chase Ocean Positive is the beneficiary of the Legion of Ocean Heroes program. The Legion of Ocean Heroes are patrons who create a supplemental, financial support system that enables the Bruckner Chase Ocean Positive to pursue its mission to positively impact how individuals feel, think and act towards the oceans, through myriad activities from aquatic expeditions to ocean conservation programs.

  • Ocean Heroes who contribute US$5 or more per month receive a Legion of Ocean Heroes keychain / dog tag.
  • Ocean Heroes who contribute US$25 per month receive a hand-painted Samoan tapas print.
  • Ocean Heroes who contribute US$50 - $100 per month receive one of two sized Samoan ‘Ava bowls or a unique piece from South Jersey artist and surfer, David Macomber of
  • Ocean Heroes who contribute US$500 per month receive a unique hand-crafted ceremonial piece from American Samoa.
  • Ocean Heroes who contribute US$1,000 per month become a patron who enables an American Samoa Ocean Hero to visit the East Coast to further their training as a lifeguard or budding ocean scientist.

Bruckner Chase

Bruckner Chase is also known as Uila O Le Sami in American Samoa, is an environmentalist, adventure swimmer, ocean advocate, marathon swimmer, coach, speaker and writer who works closely with his wife Michelle Evans-Chase on a number of ocean awareness initiatives. His endurance career began in the early 1980's, and he competed his first Ironman distance triathlon in 1985 at the age of 19. Those early forays into endorphin nirvana led to a life long passion for discovering his own potential while encourage others to discover their own.

He created the innovative 2Samoas/1Ocean curriculum including the Toa o le Tai program together with his wife Michelle Evans-Chase, Ph.D. and participates in ocean swims, marathon swims, channel swims, lifeguard competitions, paddle board races, and waterman events like the John T. Goudy Memorial Rescue Races. He also runs the prone paddle boarding program in Upper Township, New Jersey for individuals with spinal injuries.

As a filmmaker, he created BlueJourney-Amerika Samoa - Stronger Together: The Waterman's Way about his ocean advocacy programs in Amerika Samoa. The film was accepted into the 2014 Beneath the Waves Film Festival.

Becky McGill, Bruckner Chase and Michelle Evans-Chase are the principals with the Ocean Swimming & Prone Paddleboarding program for Athletes with Spinal Cord Injuries together with the Bacharach Rehabilitation Hospital, and the City of Upper Township. They help individuals with spinal cord injuries learn how to move through the water and guides open water prone paddleboarding and swimming sessions. This Ocean City Swim Club / Bacharach Rehabilitation Hospital Swimming and Paddling Unified Team Program is a nominee for the 2013 World Open Water Swimming Offering of the Year.

2021 World Open Water Swimming Product or Service of the Year Nominees and Winners

Bruckner Chase Ocean Positive was nominated for the 2021 World Open Water Swimming Product or Service of the Year Award. The winners and nominees included:

Winner: Aloo of Mexico
First Runner-up: La Morada Club of Argentina
Second Runner-up: Oceans Seven: How I Cheated Death And Broke The Hardest Record In Swimming
4. Radikal Swim Swimming Club of Spain
5. We Swim Wild of Great Britain
6. Hammer Head Swim Caps of USA
7. Safe Sea of Israel
8. Against The Current of USA
9. Ask Me Why I’m Stood Here: A Bristol Channel Swim Tale of Great Britain
10. Ocean Walker Academy & Wellbeing Centre of Great Britain
11. Bruckner Chase Ocean Positive of USA
12. Maarten van der Weijden Foundation of the Netherlands
13. Freedom Swimmer of China-Hong Kong
14. Amphibia Dry Mat of Ireland
15. The Swim Reaper of New Zealand
16. Open Water Swim Traverse of Lebanon
17. Goa Open Water Swimming Club of India

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