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A carbon-neutral relay at the 9th annual 15 km Clean Half Extreme Open Water Swim in Hong Kong

noun - A carbon-neutral relay is an open water swimming relay that has a net zero carbon footprint. Carbon-neutral relays or Carbon-neutral swims rely entirely on human power as opposed to motorized escort boats. Examples include open water swimming relays that are escorted by outrigger canoes, kayaks, and/or paddle boards only.


The Clean Half marathon relay has a carbon-neutral relay where the swimmers rotate between swimming and paddling in an outrigger canoe for 15 kilometers.


The term was created by Doug Woodring at the Clean Half Extreme Open Water Swim in Hong Kong, circa 2010.

Carbon-neutral Relays in Hong Kong

The 15 km Clean Half Extreme Marathon Swim in Hong Kong from Stanley to Deep Water Bay with carbon-neutral relay teams of 5 people, soloists, and yak swimmers (2 swimmers and a kayak who rotate every 30 minutes through the course) has the world's most unique turn buoy.

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