Castaic Lake

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Castaic Lake in Southern California, site of the Century Swim World Championships
Castaic Lake
Castaic Lake
Castaic Lake Lower Lagoon

Castaic Lake is a beautiful state water reservoir located just north of Santa Clarita on the Interstate 5 Freeway where open water swimming can be done safely. Castaic Lake is an reservoir formed by Castaic Dam on Castaic Creek, in the Sierra Pelona Mountains of northwestern Los Angeles County, California, near the town of Castaic.

Along with providing fresh water to local communities, Castaic Lake has also remained dedicated to providing the public with a wonderful place to have fun. Visitors come to admire, relax and reflect upon the beauty, or pack in a day of fun and excitement.

It is site of the annual Castaic Lake Marathon Swim held during the first week of April, and of the 2013 USA Swimming National Open Water Swimming Championships and 2013 Fran Crippen Mile as well as the annual H2OpenPlus Summer Sunset Series.

2013 USA Swimming Open Water National Championships

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Castaic Lake Junior Lifeguards

Castaic Lake has a Castaic Lake Junior Lifeguard program where hundreds of children between the ages of 9-17 are taught swimming and lifeguard skills.


The 320,000 acre·ft (390,000,000 m3) lake with a surface elevation of approximately 1,500 feet (460 m) above sea level is the terminus of the West Branch California Aqueduct, though some comes from the 154 square miles (400 km2) Castaic Creek watershed above the dam. The aqueduct water comes from Pyramid Lake through a pipeline and is used to power Castaic Power Plant, on the northern end of the lake.

In popular culture

Castaic Lake was one of the main filming locations for the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series. Many of the action scenes were recorded here.

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