Cold Water Classic

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2014 Cold Water Classic in Penfield Beach in Fairfield, Connecticut
2013 Cold Water Challenge in Penfield Beach in Fairfield, Connecticut

The Cold Water Classic is the name of the following events:

(1) a 1.2 km ocean swim on Mona Vale Beach NSF in Sydney, Australia (2) a 5.2-mile cold water ocean swim on Penfield Beach in Connecticut, U.S.A. that is also called the Cold Water Challenge (3) 1-mile, 2-mile, 3-mile JBay Winterfest Cold Water Classic at Marina Martinique, Jeffreys Bay in South Africa


(1) 1.2 km in Sydney, Australia (2) 5.2 miles in Penfield Beach, Connecticut, U.S.A. (3) 1-mile, 2-mile, 3-mile in Jeffreys Bay, South Africa


(1) Ocean (2) Ocean (3) Bay


City Mona Vale Beach NSW and Penfield Beach, Connecticut

State/County/Province Sydney

Country Australia and USA

Region Oceania (Sydney) and Americas (Penfield Beach)

Event Information

Month: June (Sydney) and May (Penfield Beach)

Event Date: 11 June 2009 (Sydney) and 3 May 2014 (Penfield Beach)


Class: Amateur

Wetsuit: No

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