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Molly Conroy training at the Conroy Pond for her ice mile at the 2015 Ireland Ice Swimming Championships. Photo by Paul McCambridge / MAC Visual Media

Conroy pond (or Wild Water – Armagh (Conroy’s Pond)) is an open body of water in Northern Ireland where the inaugural Ireland Ice Swimming Challenge was held in 2014-2015. The pond, surrounded by wooden decking, is 25 metres long by 2 lanes wide, 2 metres at the deep end and 1.2 at the shallow where steps lead in off a gently shelving toddlers paddling area.

The Ireland Ice Swim was held on 7 February 2015 at Wild Water, Co Armagh. The 2019 IISA Ireland 1k National Championships was held at Wild Water, Co Armagh on 26 January 2019.


It is managed by the Conroy Clan including John Conroy, Olive Conroy, Molly Conroy, Paula Conroy, and Ian Conroy.


Conroy Pool, Wild Water Armagh, Wild Water – Armagh, Conroy’s Pond

Ireland Ice Swimming Championships

Video by Pádraig Mallon at the 2015 Ireland Ice Swimming Championships, hosted by the Camlough Lake Water Festival at Wild Water Armagh (Conroy Pond) in Northern Ireland. It is part of the global ice circuit organized by the International Ice Swimming Association.

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