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Antonio Argüelles of Mexico competing in the 91.8 km 40 Bridges Swim around Manhattan Island in New York City at night
The view from swimming at night in Huntington Beach, California

noun - Night swimming is swimming done after the sun goes down and before it rises of any distance in natural bodies of open water including oceans, lakes, rivers, bays and reservoirs, performed for pleasure, adventure or fitness or as a solo channel swim, solo marathon swim or channel relay or marathon relay.


Free swimming, Open water swimming, Marathon swimming, Channel swimming, adventure swimming, wild swimming


Video of Brad McVetta crossing the Tsugaru Channel, a part at night from Honshu to Hokkaido, courtesy of Masayuki Moriya of Ocean-navi and the Tsugaru Channel Swimming Association

MSF Calendar

Night swimming was featured in the month of December in the 2015 MSF Calendar.

January: Anthony McCarley, English Channel. Photo by Roger Taylor.
February: Santa Barbara Channel. Photo by Theo Schmeeckle.
March: Ted Erikson at Promontory Point, Chicago. Photo by Louise LeBourgeois.
April: Sarah Thomas at The Arc, USA. Photo by Ken Classen.
May: Underway at Lake Willoughby, USA. Photo by Phil White.
June: Grace van der Byl at MIMS 2014, USA. Photo by John Humenik.
July: Navigation, Lake Pend Oreille, USA. Photo by Andrew Malinak.
August: Suva off Cap Gris Nez, English Channel. Photo by Zoe Sadler.
September: Applegate Lake 10K Start, USA. Photo by Peter Ray.
October: Bethany Bosch & Guri at Lake Willoughby. Photo by Phil White.
November: Round Christiansborg, Denmark. Photo by Samuel Tyson.
December: Nightswimming, Ireland. Photo by Donal Buckley.

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