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Dave Van Mouwerik

Dave Van Mouwerik (b. 1957) is a 58-year-old American open water and marathon swimmer living in San Luis Obispo, California who is a member of the Half Century Club and a lifetime member of the Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association. He is one of the co-founders of the Lake Tahoe Marathon Swim Federation.

He and his wife, Lisa, live in San Luis Obispo, California, and their two sons live in South Lake Tahoe, California.

Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association

He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association that was nominated for the 2013 World Open Water Swimming Offering of the Year for its far-forward thinking. Additionally Dave is an Observer with the Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association and with the Catalina Channel Swimming Federation.

Swimming Career

  • He started swimming when he was twenty three years old, and has been a member of various USMS swim teams for the last thirty years. Early in his swim career, he gravitated towards longer distance events in pool meets, and to open water swims. He has participated in about a dozen 6 mile ocean swims (in Santa Cruz, Avila Beach, and Santa Barbara), as well as several 10 mile swims (in Boston Harbor, Seal Beach, and Santa Barbara).
  • He won the 8-mile Boston Light Swim in 1995 in Massachusetts.
  • In 1998, he swam solo from Avila Beach Pier to Pismo Beach Pier, a distance of 6.2 miles. This swim inspired him to start the USMS-sanctioned Pismo to Avila Pier to Pier Swim, which he organized and participated in from 1999 to 2002. Then, from 2004 to 2007, Dave took a break from swimming, and paddled six-man outrigger canoes with Pale Kai, a competitive outrigger canoe club in Avila Beach.
  • He caught the marathon swimming bug in 2010, when he was 52 years old. That year he became the 17th person to swim from Anacapa Island to Oxnard in 7 hours 0 minutes.
  • In 2011 he became the 19th person to swim the length (south/north) of Lake Tahoe in 13 hours 51 minutes.
  • He swam across Catalina Channel in 12 hours 9 minutes on 6 August 2012.
  • He was the first person to swim the length of Lake Siljan in central Sweden, 20.3 miles (32.7 km) from Hjortnäs to Tingsnäbadet near Mora on 26 July 2013 in 11 hours 43 minutes.
  • He served as the Vice President of the Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association.
  • He completed the first 14.4-mile (23.2 km) crossing of Estero Bay from China Harbor (near Point Estero) to Spooner's Cove (near Point Buchon) on 16 August 2015 in 8 hours 18 minutes at the age of 57.
  • He was nominated for the Streeter Award for Service to Marathon Swimming in 2017 by the Marathon Swimmers Forum.
  • He took the photo of Meg Omainsky in Anacapa Island, California that appeared in the 2019 Marathon Swimmers Federation calendar in the month of August.
  • On 13 January 2019, he served as the observer of Dr. Caroline Block's 30.5 km crossing from Oxnard on the California mainland to Santa Cruz Island in 14 hours 56 minutes.
  • He completed the Lake Tahoe Triple Crown in a cumulative time of 26 hours 40 minutes 44 seconds.
    • He completed the 10.6-mile Vikingsholm crossing in Lake Tahoe on 27 August 2017 in 5 hours 51 minutes 40 seconds.
    • He completed the 12-mile True Width crossing of Lake Tahoe on 1 August 2020 in 6 hours 58 minutes 4 seconds.
    • He completed the 21.3-mile length crossing of Lake Tahoe on 14 August 2011 in 13 hours 51 minutes 0 seconds.

Lake Siljan Crossing

Catalina Channel Half Century Club

1. Jim Clifford (USA), 62 years 11 months, CM in 9:49 on 28 September 2014
2. Bob West (USA), 62, CM in 15:49 in 1998
3. Gary Greenwood (USA), 62, CM in 13:08 in 2004
4. Pat Gallant-Charette (USA), 60, CM in 14:11 in 2011
5. Mo Siegel (USA), 60, CM in 13:08 in 2011
6. Scott Lautman (USA), 60 CM in 12:09 in 2013
7. Bob Needham (USA), 58, CM in 13:10 in 2011
8. Tom Hecker (USA), 57, CM in 10:45 in 2009
9. Richard Knepper (USA), 56, MC in 11:56 in 2005
10. Barbara Held (USA), 56, CM in 9:36 in 2010
11. Mark Smitherman (USA), 56, CM in 11:52 in 2014
12. Carol Sing (USA), 55, CM in 10:38 in 1997
13. Bill Hoehn (USA), 55, CM in 12:57 in 2005
14. Kevin Murphy (Great Britain), 54, CM in 15:23 in 2003
15. Roger Finch (South Africa), 54, CM in 9:45:02 in 2012
16. Dave Van Mouwerik (USA), 54, CM in 12:09:07 in 2012
17. Ned Denison (Ireland), 54, CM 8:50:04 in 2012
18. Peter Tanham (Australia), 54, CM in 10:07 in 2014
19. Anthony McCarley (USA), 54, CM in 13:00.3 in 2014
20. Nick Almos-Lau (Mexico), 53, CM in 12:40 in 1999
21. James Fitzpatrick (USA), 53, CM in 14:59 in 2008 (to Newport Beach)
22. Jim McConica (USA), 53, CM in 10:19 in 2004
23. Douglas McConnell (USA), 53, CM in 12:41:13 in 2012
24. David Cooper (USA), 52, CM in 13:19 in 2005
25. Dan Richards (USA), 52, CM in 10:10 2008
26. Chris Burke (USA), 52, CM in 11:22 in 2014
27. Alan Bell (USA), 51, CM in 9:28 in 2001
28. Chris Palfrey (Australia), 51, CM in 10:30 in 2009
29. Lynn Kubasek (USA), 51, CM in 15:53 in 2009
30. Daniel Robinson (USA), 51, CM in 9:57 in 2008
31. Ron Collins (USA), 51, CM in 10:05 on 10 September 2013
32. Antonio Argüelles (Mexico), 50, CM in 10:25 in 2009
33. William Newbern (USA), 50, CM in 12:48 in 2005
34. Ray Meltvedt (USA), 50, CM in 15:25 in 2010
35. Suzie Dods (USA), 50, MC in 18:36 in 2010
36. Dale Petranech (USA), 50, CM in 13:28 in 1985
37. John Hill (USA), 50, CM in 19:15 in 1985
38. Frank Reynolds (USA), 50, CM in 10:34 in 1987
39. Jim Barber (USA), 50, CM in 8:43 in 2010
40. Sue Free (USA), 50, CM in 11:23 in 2012
41. Bridgette Hobart Janeczko (USA), 50, CM 11:27:16 in 2012
42. Hendrik Meerman (USA), CM, 50, 12:48:30 in 2012
43. Scott Tapley (USA), MC, 50, 17:43:12 in 2014

SBCSA Lifetime Members

The following individuals are lifetime members of the Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association:

Out, Around and Back Relay

Van Mouwerik is a member of the Out, Around, and Back marathon swimming relay from Catalina Island to Santa Barbara Island, circumnavigate Santa Barbara Island, and then return from Santa Barbara Island to Catalina Island. On 14-15 July 2016, John Pittman escorted the Old and Cold Relay, including Becky Margulies, Asha Allen, Dan Simonelli, Dave Van Mouwerik, Anthony McCarley, and Scott Zacharda for 28 hours 58 minutes over 108.2 km before the swim was called off by the boat owner as they were estimated to be 5 miles / 2 hours from their finish on Catalina Island.

2017 MSF Calendar

2017 Marathon Swimmers Federation calendar

He appeared in the 2017 MSF Calendar.

Cover – Sarah Thomas swimming in Lake Powell in Arizona. Photo by Ken Classen.
January – Howard James on the earliest English Channel crossing. Photo by Danny Burrows.
February – Theodore Yach swimming his 100th Robben Island crossing. Photo by Mariza Cloete.
March – Radikal MarBrava in Girona, Spain. Photo by Burno Hervas.
April – Swimmers in Lake Willoughby in Vermont. Photo by Manuela Jessel.
May – Howard James leaving Dover. Photo by Danny Burrows.
June – Scott Zornig swimming in San Diego Harbor. Photo by Lynn Kubasek.
July – Dave Van Mouwerik swimming with a whale in Avila Beach. Photo by Michael Dobrzensky.
August – Anthony McCarley swimming in the Harlem River. Photo by Niles Furlong.
September – Marie Watson swimming in Galway Bay in Ireland. Photo by Siobhan Russell.
October – Sarah Thomas at finish on Lake Powell shoreline in Arizona. Photo by Andrew Malinak.
November – Bernard Lynch swimming in the English Channel. Photo by Siobhan Russell.
December – Swimmers entered water on Autumn Equinox in Myrtleville, Ireland. Photo by Siobhan Russell.

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