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noun - The Dennis Miller Prize is an award given by FINA to honor FINA Dennis Miller of Fiji for his contribution to FINA development, particularly in open water swimming.


2019 – 2029


Dennis Miller


To give one annual prize to an outstanding organizer in open water swimming events. The organizer can be an organization, person or group of persons. It must be a person or organization which has contributed to open water swimming events for many years, thus developing and promoting open water swimming and marathon swimming in a specific region, country, continent or around the world.

Decision-making Process

To be decided by the FINA Executive during the period November – December. FINA Technical Open Water Swimming Committee will make a proposal each year to be sent to the FINA Awards Committee which will finalize the proposal and lead it through to the FINA Executive.


To be presented during the FINA Gala in December. If this is not possible, the ceremony to take place at an open water swimming event in the beginning of the year following on the year for which the prize has been awarded. The Prize will be awarded by the FINA President or the person delegated by him.

The Prize

The Prize will be created by an artist from Oceania reflecting the culture of open water swimming and Oceania.


2021: Sid Cassidy USA

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