Dina Levačić

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26-year-old Dina Levačić from Split, Croatia
26-year-old Dina Levačić has completed channel crossings of the English Channel, Catalina Channel, Strait of Gibraltar, Molokai Channel, Tsugaru Channel, and North Channel as of 2022

Dina Levačič is a 26-year-old Croatian open water swimmer and student from Split. She trains under the Croatian Olympic open water swimming coach, Slaven Šitić. She became the 23rd person in history to complete the seven channels of the Oceans Seven.

Oceans Seven

She completed the following channels to complete the Oceans Seven in March 2023.

Oceans Seven Swimmers

1st: Stephen Redmond (Ireland)
2nd: Anna-Carin Nordin (Sweden)
3rd: Michelle Macy (USA)
4th: Darren Miller (USA)
5th: Adam Walker (UK)
6th: Kimberley Chambers (New Zealand)
7th: Antonio Argüelles (Mexico)
8th: Ion Lazarenco Tiron (Moldavia/Ireland)
9th: Rohan Dattatrey More (India)
10th: Abhejali Bernardová (Czech Republic)
11th: Cameron Bellamy (South Africa)
12th: Lynton Mortensen (Australia)
13th: Thomas Pembroke (Australia)
14th: Nora Toledano Cadena (Mexico)
15th: Mariel Hawley Davila (Mexico)
16th: André Wiersig (Germany)
17th: Elizabeth Fry (USA)
18th: Attila Mányoki (Hungary)
19th: Jonathan Ratcliffe (UK)
20th: Jorge Crivilles Villanueva (Spain)]
21st: Adrian Sarchet (Guernsey)
22nd: Prabhat Koli (India)
23rd: Dina Levačić (Croatia)
24th: Herman van der Westhuizen (South Africa)
25th: Andy Donaldson (Scotland)
26th: Stephen Junk (Australia)
27th: Kieron Palframan (South Africa)

Open Water Swimming Highlights

English Channel Crossing

Part of the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming

Catalina Channel Crossing

Part of the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming


at the TEDxZagreb in November 2018

Marathon Swim Stories

She appeared with Shannon House Keegan on Marathon Swim Stories.

Top 10 Swimmers with the Fastest Time to Achieve the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming

As of October 2021:
1. Joel Matos Ortiz (Puerto Rico) 27 days
2. Patrick McKnight (USA) 34 days
3. Rendy Lynn Opdycke (USA) 35 days
4. Victoria Cox (Australia) 64 days
5. David Barra (USA) 81 days
6. Miguel Guillermo Campero Garcia (Mexico) 82 days
7. Dina Levačić (Czech Republic) 84 days
7. Elizabeth Almond (USA) 84 days
9. Lynton Mortensen (Australia) 89 days
10. Antonio Argüelles (Mexico) 92 days (br/>

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